The running man

Plot[ edit ] Inthe world's economy is in shambles and America has become a totalitarian dystopia. Ben Richards, an impoverished resident of the fictional Co-Op City, is unable to find work, having been blacklisted from his trade. His gravely ill daughter Cathy needs medicine, and his wife Sheila has resorted to prostitution to bring in money for the family.

The running man

Plot[ edit ] Inafter a worldwide economic collapse, the United States has become a totalitarian police statecensoring all cultural activity. ByBen Richards, a police helicopter pilot wrongly convicted of a massacre during a food riot in BakersfieldCaliforniaescapes from a labor camp with two resistance fightersHarold Weiss and William Laughlin, and finds refuge at a resistance camp headed by their leader, Mic.

Instead of joining the resistance, Richards seeks shelter at his brother's apartment. Richards asks Mendez about the whereabouts of his brother, and she says that he was taken for " re-education.

There, Killian coerces him into participating in The Running Man in exchange for Laughlin and The running man not participating, but Ben learns that Killian had enrolled them as runners anyway and swears revenge, which Killian brushes off.

As the game begins, Richards and his friends are attacked by the first stalker, "Subzero," but they fight back, with Richards killing Subzero — the first time a stalker has ever died on the show.

The running man

Laughlin and Weiss search for the network's uplink facilities, which they realize are in the game zone. Amber sees a falsified news report on Richards' capture and, suspicious of the media's veracity, does some investigating. After learning that footage of the massacre was doctored to incriminate Richards, she is captured by her ICS colleagues and sent into the game zone.

The runners split up, each pair pursued by a different stalker. Weiss and Amber locate the uplink and learn the access codes, but "Dynamo" finds them and electrocutes Weiss. Amber's screams lead Richards to her, and, as the two evade Dynamo, the stalker's buggy flips, trapping him inside. Refusing to kill a helpless opponent, Richards leaves Dynamo alive to jeers from the audience.

He and Amber then return to Laughlin, who, before dying, reveals that the resistance has a hideout within the game zone.

Back at ICS, Killian sees Richards' popularity growing, with viewers betting on him instead of the stalkers.

Off-camera, Killian tries to offer Richards a job as a stalker, but when Richards refuses, Killian sends in the next stalker, "Fireball". Fireball chases them into an abandoned factory, where Amber discovers the decomposing corpses of the previous seasons' "winners" — realizing that they were killed by Fireball and their victory was faked.

Fireball goes after Amber, but Richards rescues her and kills him using his own weaponry. Frustrated and running out of options, Killian seeks "Captain Freedom," a retired stalker, to kill them.

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However, when Freedom refuses, the network creates digital body doubles of Freedom, Richards and Amber, which are then used to fake Richards' and Amber's deaths on screen. In the game zone, Richards and Amber are found by Mic and taken to the resistance's hideout, where they learn of their "deaths.

As Richards heads to the main studio floor, shocking the audience who had watched him supposedly die, Amber fights and kills Dynamo, the last remaining stalker. Richards confronts Killian after having dealt with security, who tried to kill him and the audience to cover up everything, not knowing it was being broadcast.

Killian begs for his life, saying he created the show to appease the U. In response, Richards decides to give the audience what they want right now — sending Killian to the game zone in a rocket sled. The sled hits a billboard bearing Killian himself and explodes, killing Killian to the delight of the audience.

Richards and Amber kiss and then romantically walk out of the studio together.Watch full episodes free online of the tv series Running Man - 런닝맨 with subtitles. Subtitled in English/10(K).

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Nov 13,  · Watch video · Directed by Paul Michael Glaser. With Arnold Schwarzenegger, Maria Conchita Alonso, Yaphet Kotto, Jim Brown. A wrongly convicted man must try to survive a public execution gauntlet staged as a game show/10(K).

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The Running Man is a science fiction novel by American writer Stephen King, first published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman in as a paperback original. It was collected in in the omnibus The Bachman Books. The novel is set in a dystopian United States during the year The Running Man is a terrific movie but this is a TERRIBLE transfer to Blu Ray.

It was produced by "Olive Films" (product number 0F) so avoid that one specifically.

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