Rosalind a case study essay

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Rosalind a case study essay

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A brief summary of molecular biologist Rosalind Franklin and her important role in the discovery of DNA. The summary is based on the documentary movie "The Secret of Photo I will also talk about her conflicts when competing in the race to discovery DNA. Rosalind Franklin was a very intelligent girl from young on.

She was born in to a wealthy family whose parents were bankers. Rosalind was very into school and received very high grades.

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On her spare time she would practice her arithmetic and figure out complex equations. After school she received a scholarship and went to college at Cambridge University. She played a very large part in discovery DNA and because of her we have been able to cure many illnesses.

She died on April 16, Her work was a scientist. She spent most of her life trying to discover DNA. She was the first one to receive Photo She tried to make a model of DNA but was no were close to being correct.

She also discovered that DNA is made of a double helix. Unfortunately because of her discoveries she did not win the race to find DNA, because others steal Photo51 and prove their case before she is able to.

Some conflicts in her life were the fact that in trying to discover DNA she was in a race with two other scientists by the names of Watson and Crick. Watson and Crick stole information from her including Photo 51, and the double helix conclusion.

When they stole the photo they had enough proof to prove the structure of DNA and they received credit for it. Not until years after Rosalind's death did she receive credit for her discovery. In conclusion Rosalind was a very intelligent lady and contributed to most of the discovery of DNA. She should have received credit for her work because without her Watson and Crick would not have beaten her in the race.

Al-in-al she was a very smart person and contributed to the better knowledge of life and in my mind, she really won the race.Except in the case of identical twins, DNA is unique for each person. DNA is often used to identify people and can help establish paternity of a child.

Rosalind a case study essay

Today, DNA has been the cornerstone to life and is used in cutting edge technology. A(n) ___ case study is conducted by gathering detailed information about participants who are psychological patients. clinical Researchers are conducting a study where they have concerns that the participant’s beliefs and/or the experimenter’s beliefs may skew the results.

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Write an essay where you answer the following questions: you think Rosalind Franklin deserves credits for the discovery of the DNA structure?

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After the double helix - Rosalind Franklin's research. - ResearchGate Such revolutions, he said, came only after long periods of tradition-bound normal science.

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