Assess the impact of the scientific

If the risk estimate does not take into account the number of individuals exposed, it is termed an "individual risk" and is in units of incidence rate per a time period. Quantitative risk assessment[ edit ] Further information: Quantitative Risk Assessment software In quantitative risk assessment an annualized loss expectancy ALE may be used to justify the cost of implementing countermeasures to protect an asset.

Assess the impact of the scientific

These technologies complement the Boston Scientific leading urology portfolio for the treatment of kidney stones and pelvic floor disorders, enabling further innovation for the company across five common urologic diseases that account for 50 percent of all urologic surgical procedures.

The business unit will also continue to invest in gynecologic surgical solutions for the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding and uterine fibroids. As a category leader, our combined organization will bring value-driven innovations that can help healthcare providers advance patient outcomes, reduce procedure costs, enhance quality and evolve the treatment of urologic and pelvic conditions in ways that previously could not be realized by either company alone.

On an adjusted basis, the transaction is expected to be breakeven to adjusted earnings per share inaccretive by at least 3 cents inapproximately 7 cents in and increasingly accretive thereafter. The transaction is expected to be less accretive or dilutive, as the case may be on a GAAP basis throughdue to amortization expense and transaction and integration costs.

About Boston Scientific Boston Scientific transforms lives through innovative medical solutions that improve the health of patients around the world.


As a global medical technology leader for more than 35 years, we advance science for life by providing a broad range of high performance solutions that address unmet patient needs and reduce the cost of healthcare.

For more information, visit www. These forward-looking statements are based on our beliefs, assumptions and estimates using information available to us at the time and are not intended to be guarantees of future events or performance.

20 th International Congress on In Vitro Toxicology (ESTIV) New approach methodologies for in vitro toxicology applications October • Berlin / Germany. Keystone Symposia, a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting the scientific community for the benefit of the world community and accelerating life science discovery, conducts scientific conferences on biomedical and life science topics in relaxing environments that catalyze information exchange and networking. Meetings are designed to encourage scientists to discuss the newest ideas. should investigate the impact of the humanities, the social sciences and the hard sciences in one comparable approach for accountability; should include both the societal impact of scientific research and university education.

These forward-looking statements include, among other things, statements regarding markets for our products and our performance in those markets, our global business plans, product performance and impact, competitive offerings, the acquisition, the integration of the acquisition and the impact of the acquisition, including expected financial impact and anticipated synergies.

If our underlying assumptions turn out to be incorrect, or if certain risks or uncertainties materialize, actual results could vary materially from the expectations and projections expressed or implied by our forward-looking statements.

These factors, in some cases, have affected and in the future together with other factors could affect our ability to implement our business strategy and may cause actual results to differ materially from those contemplated by the statements expressed in this press release.

As a result, readers are cautioned not to place undue reliance on any of our forward-looking statements.

Assess the impact of the scientific

Factors that may cause such differences include, among other things: All of these factors are difficult or impossible to predict accurately and many of them are beyond our control. We disclaim any intention or obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements to reflect any change in our expectations or in events, conditions or circumstances on which those expectations may be based, or that may affect the likelihood that actual results will differ from those contained in the forward-looking statements.

This cautionary statement is applicable to all forward-looking statements contained in this document. Adjusted earnings per share excludes goodwill and intangible asset impairment charges; acquisition- divestiture- litigation- and restructuring-related charges and credits; certain discrete tax items and amortization expense.

Non-GAAP measures such as adjusted earnings per share are not in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles in the United States.

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The difference between our estimated impact of the acquisition on our GAAP and adjusted earnings per share relates to amortization expense on acquired intangible assets and acquisition-related net charges, which primarily include exit costs and other fees.

These amounts are excluded by the Company for purposes of measuring adjusted earnings per share. Management uses adjusted earnings per share along with other supplemental non-GAAP measures to evaluate performance period over period, to analyze the underlying trends in our business, to assess its performance relative to its competitors, and to establish operational goals and forecasts that are used in allocating resources.

Non-GAAP financial measures, including adjusted earnings per share, should not be considered in isolation from or as a replacement for GAAP financial measures. We further believe that providing this information better enables our investors to understand our operating performance and to evaluate the methodology used by management to evaluate and measure such performance.The acquisition positions Boston Scientific as a leader in urology, providing physicians and healthcare systems a comprehensive portfolio of proven technologies.

The beginning of the 20th century presented medical schools with unprecedented challenges to become more scientific and effective in the training of physicians. 20 th International Congress on In Vitro Toxicology (ESTIV) New approach methodologies for in vitro toxicology applications October • Berlin / Germany.

Assess the impact of the scientific

Read chapter 5 Impact of Scientific and Technological Advances on Partnerships: Decades of evolving U.S. policy have led to three sectors providing weathe. Do not confuse the words affect, effect, and impact, each of which can be used both as a verb and as a noun.

Avoid incorrectly using impact as a verb in place of affect or as a noun in place of effect. Affect as a verb means "to influence." The temperature affects the growth rate of the bacterial.

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