Apollo hospitals dhaka

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and India among others. Joint Commission International's on-site evaluation of AHD occurred in September and was conducted by a team of international healthcare experts, including a doctor and an administrator. The community should be proud that AHD has made a commitment to quality and safety.

Apollo hospitals dhaka

Revenue number in September Unique concept to expedite the discharge process to enhance patient satisfaction and to provide quality service. This is designed to address the needs of patients within 24 hours of admission. For the international patients, we have the facility of language entrepreneur.

We provide spiritual services for patients from different religions, as and when required. Each committee comprises of Consultants and Senior Management personnel. Please describe the HR changes the organisation has made which have led to better services.

Through robust quality control measures, monitoring and adopting International guidelines we provide patient care to meet their expectations.

In Bangladesh, the patients expect physicians to attend every small issues, to counsel, to answer small queries in all aspects of patient care.

The different critical and non-critical unit has a team for patient care with representation from various departments but none of the areas other than critical areas have any dedicated physician in charge.

The nurses in noncritical areas attended the calls and if required they informed the physician which was not enough to satisfy the patients at times. Moreover, the unit team members did not have a single point of accountability.

The problems were reported to their own supervisor and the response was delayed. This resulted in many communication errors.

This system of operation lacked decision making at the point of care. The senior leaders felt the need of physician involvement in every unit to address this issues. The CEO shared his strategic plan with Director Medical Services and later to the senior management to meet patient expectations and improve patient satisfaction through involvement of physicians at the point of care.

The plan was shared and a committee was formed with relevant departmental coordinators; Medical, Nursing, Operations and Hospitality services to plan all the minor details.

The committee had several sessions to discuss and finalize the job responsibility, job specifications, working process, reporting and their designation.

All decided that the designation should signify and emphasize on their leadership role and involvement with patient care. Seven physicians were chosen to lead the seven major units in the hospital. They were regularly monitored, assessed, evaluated by the seniors.

Apollo hospitals dhaka

They were provided with Leadership trainings and engaged in different improvement projects, invited in different leadership meetings and had direct interaction with the senior management. The concept of involving physician as leader was initiated in November and implemented in January 01, By making one physician accountable for ensuring the unit management and empowered to take decision at the point of service was thought as the best way to meet patient expectations.

This concept was a successful project to improve quality and safety as evident from the data. Thus the patient care was delivered in a well-coordinated and effective manner, patient safety was ensured.

Patient experienced friendlier environment as their safety was ensured by a physician. How does the organisation measure the success of the project?

The main key performance indicators which were grouped to characterise the general relationships between HR and other elements of the AHD health system.Apollo Hospitals Dhaka recognizes the importance of preventive healthcare and has created a separate clinic to help you with these needs.

The Master Health Check (MHC) clinic of Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is located at the ground floor in one side of the Atrium at the entrance of the hospital.

we have designed a Ready Reckoner for an individual to. He continually received accolades from the patients and from his Directors at Apollo Hospitals Dhaka.

I recommended his employment at American Hospital Dubai. عرض المزيد عرض أقلTitle: DGM Operations at Apollo . Apollo Hospitals Dhaka is a bed multidisciplinary super specialty tertiary care hospital which is the first and only hospital in Bangladesh to have got JCI Accredited. Apollo Hospitals Job Circular has been lausannecongress2018.com you for your interest in employment with the Apollo Hospitals Job Circular in Bangladesh.

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Apollo hospitals dhaka

The Experience in Apollo Hospitals, Dhaka: My project was to write about a real life service experience and for this project I interviewed Ms. Rezina Nazneen, who is .

Apollo Hospital Ltd. Doctors List Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Dr. Abdullah Al Mamun MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MACP (USA), FACP Consultant Internal Medicine Apollo Hospitals Dhaka Dr. Abu Sayeed Mohammad Iqbal MBBS, FCPS, MD, Fellow (Singapore), Neonatal Training in Singapore & Australia.

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